Well he had left the nest (for 13 days) on the trip of a lifetime.  Milton left yesterday to attend the 22nd Australian Scout Jamboree at Cataract Park in Sydney.  He is going to have the time of his life and the promise of adventure is awesome.  Some of the activities include Bicycle Bungy, Abseiling (one of his favs), Caving (another fav), Canoing (yet another fav), Laser Skirmish, Hiking, Jamberoo Water Park, a Cyber City Tour and heaps more.  I took a quick pic of him before he boarded the plane in Rocky, isn’t he so grown-up.

Uncle Neville says he saw Milton in the footage on the News on Sunday night.

Going to Jamboree

Anyone wanting to send him a message can let me know and I will put it into a “Jambo-gram” for you.

Alicia Redshaw