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2010 Eisteddfod

Naomi-Jon performed her first Eisteddfod Solo on the Clarinet today and did extremely well.  Quentin and I were nervous and proud enough, but you should have seen Nana (Quentin’s Mum) who just happens to also be the Music Teacher in this instance.  She was in the 2010 Beginners Woodwind section and got 82 points out of a possible 100.  The adjudicator was firm, fair and very thorough.  Naomi-Jon didn’t get a place, but was only 6 points behind the girl who got first.  We don’t care where she placed as she is a winner and a superstar to us.  We are back there again tomorrow with her for the School Beginner Concert Band section.

UPDATED TO ADD: The Beginner Band came third in their section and played absolutely beautifully.  We are so proud of our beautiful musicians.

Also, Noah did very well at the Doctors today and we have a lot of work to do, but he is getting the help he needs now and much quicker than we expected.  Thank you to everyone who has been wishing him well on his new path.

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