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A New Studio….again!

As some of you know I am being kicked out of my new (1 year old) Studio….

This is the current state of what will be my beautiful new Creative Space when it does eventually get finished (hopefully tomorrow).  It is going to be a better space even though I didn’t think it would be when the proposal was first forced my way.

This is how it went:
Quentin was stripping the lounge room on Friday to prep it for painting and the new flooring.  I also had the day off and was working on some class stuff when he came out with….”I’m kicking you out”.  Well this got me more than a bit worried and I immediately demanded an explantation.  Then he proceeded to sell me the idea of moving my Creative stuff into the lounge room so that I would have more space.  He is right I have this fabulous new Studio, which I now share with everyone and everything because they all want to use it too.

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