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A Privilege to Create

I have been creating a lot of projects for friends, relatives and customers lately; hence there are no photographs of them to share.  I make a point of not sharing items I am paid/commissioned to create.  I also don’t often share photographs of special gifts I create.

Alex's Canvas

I will however share a Canvas I had the privilege of creating as a gift for a very special family.  I met Christine about seven years ago when she started coming with her Mum to the Retreats that I host for Scrapbook Fantasies.  In meeting Christine and Carole I also had the pleasure of getting to know Alex, Christine’s precious daughter.  Alex and her family have faced more challenges than most people could image possible and they have faced them together with love, strength and dignity.  Sadly Alex passed away in July, and as a way to show my love and appreciation to her family I created this Canvas.

Alex's Canvas

I had some help with the PanPastel base from a few of the ladies at the recent Scrapbook Fantasies Retreat, and then the Canvas took on a life of its own dragging me along for the ride.  It was fun to say the least.  A few of the ladies gave me flowers and embellishments to use, but most of it came from my stash.

Alex's Canvas

I wanted to express with this Canvas how much Alex and her family have touched my life and those of my family too.  I know that everyone who met Alex personally in 2012 at the Scrapbook Fantasies Retreat fell in love with a little girl who apart from everything else knew how to light up a room with her smile.

Alex's Canvas

I for one have learnt so many lessons from Christine, Alex, Carole and the rest of the Flanagan/Harness family – including true love, appreciation, the value of time and sacrifice.

Alex's Canvas Alex's Canvas

So the next time you’re staring up into the sky at night say a little prayer and make wish upon “Alexandria’s Angel”, the star named for Alex – because I know that I do and will continue to do so for the rest of my days.

Alex's Canvas

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