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Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge – November 2015

The challenge this month over at AFSC (Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge) is to:

Close your eyes and blindly grab 3 items from your stash and incorporate it into a layout. You may use other items, and you may re-colour your items, but incorporate all 3 items into the layout.


I followed the instructions and as my desk was pretty spot on organised at the time everything seemed to be too easy – yes too easy.  So I got thinking and when I was at work next I spread out a kit from all of my classes from the last few months (well what I still had kits for anyway) – and then I closed my eyes and randomly chose three kits.  I was pretty stumped with the results, as they really didn’t go together and the only similarity was they all had some kind of cream colour in them – what had I done!

The kits and the classes they were for…


I knew I had to treat all of those miss-matched pieces as I would a pile of scraps, so dragged out my Card Creations Butterfly Die and made a million (or what seemed like a million) Butterflies.


I put the Butterflies on in a grid patterned of alternating inches, then flicked over some co-ordinating mists and Golden Titanium White High Flow Acrylic (as one kit included a bit of white too).


A bit more die-cutting later and I had plenty of embellishments  for my layout, without it being too overcrowded and mish-mashy, even though I had all of that stuff that didn’t really match in the first place.

AFSC-november-2015-alicia-redshaw-e AFSC-november-2015-alicia-redshaw-c

So now that I have shared my creation with the November AFSC Challenge it is your turn….

Happy Creating and have a wonderful day

Alicia Redshaw

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