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Another Huge Day

It was yet another huge day for our kids at School today with the Year 7’s doing their final morning parade presentation and the School Christmas Concert.

This morning the Year 7’s ran some fun games with the teachers and students being involved, and a lot of laughs to be had by the whole School.  This is the Principal (Mr Emerick) participating in the “Blind-folded Speed Dressing” Competition.

And this is Milton presenting the “Apple Bobbing” Competition.

The Concert tonight was really great, as it always is and the kids had a fantastic time showing everyone what they have learnt and performing wonderfully.

Noah enjoying the entertainment

Milton dancing up a storm
(sorry about the red eyes, it is zoomed in a long way)

The carnage left by the students when they all got up to sing as a “Whole School Choir”

This is the “Whole School Choir” except for a couple of students

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