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Blu-belle & Noah

I thought I should share a couple of pictures we took on the weekend of Noah and his pet Blu-belle.  He has been wanting a blue budgie called “Bluey” on and off for over a year, and back in July we gave in one day and took him to the pet shop.  We came home with “Blu-belle”, who has a lot of personality and doesn’t quite fit the normal female budgie behaviours.    Blu-belle got her name because she is a girl not a boy, but her middle name is still “Bluey”. 

She is friendly, loving and doesn’t bite, unless you are Milton feeding her the black seeds she doesn’t like.  (He is also the only person she has done #2’s on so far)  Blu-belle loves getting out of the cage to play with the kids and checking out the house.  She was meant to be three weeks out of the nest when we got her, but she was closer to three months.  She is just starting to whisper a few words like “How are you” and we think “Daddy”.  She loves the sunlight and hanging out in the garden with us.

The first picture is of Noah as a pirate with his “Blu-belle”.

This second picture is the beautiful little girl herself with her special little out of place feather, which won’t be put down no matter what we do.

Needless to say Quentin, the kids and I are all totally in love with her.

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