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Christmas 2010 Snapshots

As promised, herea are some pictures of the kids from Christmas day, Boxing day and our traditional kids loot photographs.

Naomi-Jon with her gift from Santa (a video camera)

Naomi-Jon and Noah playing with Noah’s new Beanz Race

Playing the Wii from Grandad Des and Grandma Chris

Boxing Day Breakfast (Peanuts on Toast like every other day)

Look at those eyes, so much better without glasses!

Naomi-Jon and her Loot

Noah and his loot

Milton and his loot

The Wii they got from Grandad Des and Grandma Chris

Quentin and Milton have spent the day cleaning out the shed we have at Mums place.  It is used to store our Vintage Cars, Mums gardening supplies and excess stands etc for the shop.  So the boys have been making shelving and sorting the car parts into designated areas.

I have been entertaining Noah and Naomi-Jon inside again as it is still raining!

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