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Coconet Music Festival

Well it was all worth it in the end – the blisters, the noise, the smells, the rubbish and the really long day.  All in all Quentin and I were there for 14 hours with two breaks that totaled 1.5 hours (one of which was watching a bit of Spiderbait and The Living End).  We collected so much rubbish it wasn’t funny, filling two skip bins and numerous other wheelie bins as well as four can cages.  The end result looked so tidy, even after doubting we could do it at the peak of alcohol consumption in the early evening.  And I have to say that the revellers were pretty much well behaved too.  We made some money for our little cherubs (Scouts) and had a fun day listening to the fab music.

 The Clean-up Crew

 Spiderbait (for Quentin)


 And The Living End (for Me)

The Living End

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