Family Life

Dalby Pics

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Wally and his infectious smileThe heavens opened and answered our prayers
The rain was beautiful, approximately 20mm in one long and heavy shower.  Very much needed.

Feeding the BabiesNaomi-Jon the Goat-whisperer
Naomi-Jon had to protect the Hay Shed from the baby Goats and overcome her fear of them all at once.  She did really well, but lost the battle to protect the Hay!
Driving the Tractor with Grandma ChrisGrandad and his shadow
Milton spent a lot of time helping Grandad and learning how to do stuff on the farm.
Naomi-Jon riding AlexMilton loves riding tooNoah the Horseman
They all loved riding the horses and the only tantrums over the entire visit were the protests when it was time to get off the horses each day!

Quentin and DesGrandad and his girlFamily Portrait

Alicia Redshaw

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