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Decades Birthday Party

We had a Decades Birthday Party today to celebrate Naomi-Jon turning 10, Mum turning 70 and Aunty Dory turning 80.  Admittedly it was postponed a week due to illness (mine), but everyone had a great time anyway.  So here are some pics of the fun.

Pool Fun

Sharon and her boy (my Noah)

Hayden enjoyed diving practice into Sharons safe hands

Mum’s 70th Birthday Cake

Aunty Dory’s 80th Birthday Cake

Naomi-Jon’s 10th Birthday Cake

A little monster had a nibble at the edge of this dessert! (Noah)

This is rare, a picture with Naomi-Jon cutting her cake with both of us with her (thank you Alannah for taking the pictures so I could be in one).

Aunty Dory cutting her cake in style

Mum cutting her cake

The usual Paparazzi

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