Family Life

Easter Pics and More

Milton heading out Abseiling in March with Scouts

Abseiling Day

Going out to see the Short Stack and Flicks Concert, and we both had the best time

Short Stack ConcertGoing to Short Stack

The Harbour Festival Parade, where we got a flat tyre on the pram (Quentins right arm was very sore at the end)

2010 Parade2010 Parade Milton

Easter Saturday Night at the Harbour Festival (Quentin’s Birthday Treat…maybe!)

The Birthday BoyFireworks 3Fireworks 1Fireworks 2

Our Easter Party/Quentins Birthday Party…He turned 35 plus 1!

Eating Daddy's CakeCutting the CakeThe CakePavlovaThe Oldies

Noah and his Easter Treats (Candy and Laurie gave him the Easter “Chooken”)

Noah and his Easter LootNoah and his Easter Chicken

This is what happens when you take on the corner of a lounge chair…and loose!


Don’t you love this “Toddler Smile”?    I do

The Toddler Smile

And how is this for a pre-teen with attitude?

Pre-teen Scowl

Alicia Redshaw

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