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Shop – We recently celebrated the 6th Birthday of Scrapbook Fantasies with some lovely cake, heaps of great company and a few late nights.  The website and all of it’s bits (including my personal blog here) have been having some teething problems with everything you can imagine.

Quentin – Had a good trip to Dalby, with a quick visit to his Dad (Des) in Brisbane.  He got a lot of jobs done at the farm and had a nice break from our hectic existance.

Milton – Is now an Assistant Patrol Leader at Scouts and has been on a huge 7.9km hike today.  He is looking at a busy couple of months with Scouts after a busy couple of month with Scouts already this year.  His shirt is filling-up with badges and he is forging some great friendships.  School grades are appearing to almost look better, but no Soccer in 2009 should hopefully help that situation along.  I don’t know where he would fit Soccer into his already busy schedule.

Naomi-Jon – Has left Guides to become a Cub and is on her way to her first badge after only one night of attendance.  She loves the challenge and the structure.  Her skin is not looking so good now that the nights are getting cooler, but she is coping better than expected.  I think she has been sneaking her favourite food – cheese, which explains the problem.  Her grades at school are improving had her literacy is definately better since the change of glasses at the end of 2008.

Noah – Is loving being up in the next group at Daycare and is happy to have all of his friends there with him.  He is however hanging out for Ebony to move permanently as she still only visits for afternoon play each day.  His speech is fantastic and he is learning so much, a real sponge for knowledge.

Mum – Really enjoyed her trip to Norfolk with Neville and is getting back into the swing of things now.  She is still the super scrapper with more pages under her belt than we care to count.

Des & Chris – Des has been discharged from the Hospital and he is staying with Chris for a week or two at the Cancer Care Unit.  The doctors are happy with his progress and the kids are loving the opportunity to still talk to him regularly.  The animals are going solo for the moment, but I am sure they will all realish having the farm back to some form of normal in a couple of weeks time.

Fundraising for Scouts – Our centsale went really well and was all worth the effort.  We had a great time and the Souts did a fantastic job as runners on the day.  Our next item looks like a Mothers Day raffle, but before that we have the final step in applications to be completed so that our little darlings can go to the Jamboree.

Me – Well with such a busy couple of months with the shop, the website, my family and all of the other stuff that has been happening, I somehow managed to find the time to go to the Dentist.  The results of quite a few visits to the Dentist have ended (for the moment) with splints for the correction of my jaw problems being fitted yesterday.  Would you believe that the bottom one (daytime) was too tight at first and Glenda had to, crow-bar in hand and knee to chest, force it out.  Anyway the results: are I had a better nights sleep but is my jaw ever saw.  I am looking forward to the many benefits this will have once I get used to it.  The boys think it is funny to pick on my new lisp, but I don’t care.

Enough of this family update stuff, as I need to try and fix my scanner/computer not communicating problem….it is not going to beat me.

Alicia Redshaw

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