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OK so here we go……

I went to the dentist today, not too painful except for a bit of financial damage.  Having to go back and get some seals replaced next week and then…..I am finally getting my teeth straightened after umpteen years of putting it off.

Milton is in at the dentist again this Friday to get the tooth that refuses to fall out removed as the new tooth is nearly fully through and then… guessed it he is having his overbite corrected, as it is starting to cause issues.

Noah is doing great with the toilet training (even the super casual no stress type of training we Redshaws are doing), and he spent his first night last night in the big boy bed.  With only a foot of room left in the cot we thought it was a bit pointless putting him into the tiny bed and went the whole-hog with the full sized single bed (actually Miltons top bunk with the rails still on).

Naomi-Jon was so excited about going to School today, she was ready half an hour before everyone else.  Naomi-Jon scored a very organised and enthusiastic new teacher in Chris and Milton is very happy with Jane as well.  We are very pleased with both of the teachers we will be working with this year.

Noah goes up into a new room tomorrow at Daycare, so we have another exciting day tomorrow too.

Must go as I am meant to be doing orders for the shop.  All done except Bazzill, which is going to take well over an hour (at least I love cardstock).

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