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Tonight was the Star of the Sea Year 7 Graduation Mass and Party.  Milton was wonderful as usual doing some special tasks during the ceremony including handing out candles lit with the School Candle Flame to the other Year 7 students. (Sorry about the red eyes)

This is his page from the power point presentation put together by the Graduates about themselves.

And the best news of all is that he won the Inaugral Norma Tanner Award for Cultural Achievement, which included a Bursary for his Cultural education to continue.  He thought he could spend it on iTunes, but it will be spent on his Music (ie Trumpet or Piano).  I will admit that I cried tears of joy when they called his name and I watched my boy walk up to receive such a prestigous award (they don’t give many awards at Star of the Sea so it is a real achievement just to get one).

We gave Milton a watch as a Graduation gift and he was absolutely wrapped with the one we picked.

We are so very proud of him and can’t believe that in a couple of days we will only have one Primary School student in the house.  Milton has come so far since starting Pre-School at the tender age of 4.

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