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Happy 16th Birthday to a Wonderful Son

It is hard to believe that our wonderful and inspiring son, Milton, is 16 today.  It hasn’t been the easiest 16 years, however we don’t have any regrets as he is turning out to be a wonderful young man.  We can’t express how proud we are of him and all he has achieved in his 16 years so far.

I don’t have a disastrous birth story to share, as Milton arrived after five hours of textbook labor and delivery.  He was the easiest baby and his health has never been too much of a drama (well no more than we could handle anyway).

Truly Milton has been a blessing in our lives, and especially when we think about how he cares for his siblings.  We could not care for Noah as we do without Milton and his loving devotion to his little brother.  We do our best to give our children the love and care they need and deserve, and Milton is a big part of helping us to make this a reality.

I wanted to share some of my favourite layouts of Milton from my blog to celebrate this momentous Birthday.

It's A Boy Thing by Alicia Redshaw Beautiful Kids by Alicia Redshaw Enjoy the Ride by Alicia Redshaw Growing-up by Alicia Redshaw 2 Peas by Alicia Redshaw Embrace each and every moment by Alicia Redshaw Exploring Together by Alicia Redshaw My 3 Kids by Alicia Redshaw Three of a Kind by Alicia Redshaw Hugs by Alicia Redshaw Pride by Alicia Redshaw Sicky-Bicky by Alicia Redshaw

And finally some photographs of how he has changed of the last couple of years:

Milton Naomi Noah Milton as a Knight Milton Milton Milton Miltons First Day of High School Milton Milton and his Loot 2010 Parade Milton Milton loves riding too Miltons Caving Day

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