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I’m back

Well I am back in everyday mode, almost.  As some of you may know I have been out of action with this flu that has been doing the rounds.  Previous to that I drove to Brisbane on Tuesday to take my Uncle to a Spine Specialist about having some surgery done.  We were gone for 16.25 hours, did 1042.7klm and the result is the least invasive and risky of the possible operations on 1 October this year.  The only thing is I have been sick ever since I got home, although over the weekend I was feeling well enough to help Billie move into her new house.  The house is fabulous and we got it all moved finally, she just has to clean the old flat and unpack a million or so boxes.  Her new house has a great Scrapping room with wall to wall shelving!

Anyways I should be back with a sketch for September soon (haven’t even had computer time whilst I’ve been recovering).

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