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Yesterday was of course Anzac Day, and to so many Australians it is just another public holiday.  The momentum is definately gaining in the significance of this wonderful celebration of the Australian spirit and history, with many people attending services for the first time in 2012.

As ex-service personnel ourselves, Quentin and I have attended Anzac Day ceremonies for most of our lives.  My Grandfather (Calliope Grandad) and two of his brothers served in the AIF.  Calliope Grandad trained horses for the American Forces who were stationed here in Australia, prior to them shipping out to the frontline.  Our children have never missed an Anzac service in their lives so far, even if it is only the main service of the day when they are babies.

This year we all went to both the Dawn Service and the main Parade/Service.  Milton sang with the Chanel Choir at the Dawn Service and marched in the main Parade for the last time as a Scout, before he heads off to Venturers in the coming months.  Naomi-Jon marched at Dawn Service with the Scouts (her first year since leaving Cubs) and marched in the main Parade with her School.  Noah, who isn’t a morning person, was perfect at the Dawn Service with Mar Mar and I before marching in the main Parade with his School wearing Calliope Grandads medals.  Noah was so proud to be actively participating for the first time and wearing Calliope Grandads medals.

Quentin participated in both ceremonies in his role as Scout Leader at Dolphin Sea Scouts.  He has never been one to glorify war or skite about his service (this actually gets up his nose a bit), but the significance and respect of Anzac Day is something he is very passionate about.  We never want our children to glorify war or celebrate the killing of others for the sake of land or religion, we do however want them to fully understand the sacrifices that have been made for our freedom and where the spirit of what it means to be an Australian comes from.  The Anzac spirit lives on in the Australian traditions of courage, loyalty, honesty, strength, selfless sacrafice, mateship and duty to ones country.

I took this picture of Milton at the end of the Dawn Service, by which time his voice had received a thorough work-out.  We can’t get over how grown-up he is, and are very proud of him and his many achievements.

This picture (below) means a lot to us as a family because it shows what Anzac Day is really all about….The ordinary soldier and his/her sacrafice for the peace, safety and wellbeing of people all over this wonderful world. 

After the ceremonies of rememberance were over for the day we went home and it was my Birthday.  My Birthday is actually on Anzac Day, but we don’t celebrate or overly acknowledge it until after we have payed our respects and done our duty to our country for the day. 

I received this lovely pendant of gold flakes from Quentin and the kids, as well as some new art supplies that haven’t arrived yet.  I also bought myself a mini Cloud 9 straightener, if you see my new haircut you will know why it has to be a mini straightener.  (Will have to upload a pic before it grows too long) 

This was my Birthday cake (there were others also), made by Milton.  He is learning how to pipe icing, and doing very well at it so far.

Finally I have to say thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday.  I am always surprised by how many people remember my Birthday when so much else goes on at this time of year.

Alicia Redshaw

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