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I must apologise for being missing from here for the past week and a bit.  I haven’t created anything, posted anything here or done much more than the essential.

I can now tell you what my news is….in early December I resigned from my position as the Fundraising Coordinator for Kareeba Scouts.  (And have spent the last week finalising the accounts, an audit of another account, updating the group photo files and collating all of the general fundraising information) Milton and Quentin are moving to Dolphin Sea Scouts.  We are all going due to an ongoing incident that has hit at the heart of our family.  Naomi-Jon has requested to stay so she can finish her Grey Wolf and then start Scouts at Dolphin in May.

I have also been working madly to finish some more assignments after taking a few weeks off from study.  I only have two more exercises and an assessment to complete and I will have my IT subject finished.

The Scrapbook Fantasies website has also been dominating my time too.

Today is my day off so hopefully I can get some creating done, but I have some paperwork that is speaking to me and another assignment weighing me down.

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