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I must apologise for being away from here a bit just lately. Those class kits I showed last week have all been converted into class samples and I am now working on some new ones for the rest of my June classes.

I have also been doing some painting, but it isn’t finished yet. Anyone who has been to our house might remember the fish picture hanging in our family room. Well it has finally got the better of me and I am currently finishing it. Quentin and the kids loved it, but I have always felt (since putting it aside a year ago) that it wasn’t quite finished. Anyways I wanted to move on and just can’t paint anything else until I finish that fish picture!

In an effort to protect my painting I have let Noah do some painting of his own tonight. Yes he was heading in the direction of the dreaded fish picture with a pencil and a paintbrush. So here is said junior artist at work on his Christmas/Easter painting. (I didn’t want to ask too many questions about the dubious title)

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