PaperHaus Sketch for July

So I was blog hopping recently and found that PaperHaus Magazine has a sketch for July (not sure if they do this every month).  And this is the layout that it inspired, that I am very pleased with.  The photograph was taken in Penrith in 2004 when we only had two children, and were trying to decide when would be the best time to have a third.

Park Fun by Alicia Redshaw

I have used light molding paste with a mask under the mist to give the white cardstock some interesting texture.  The Bee is a rubon and most of what I used was just leftovers from other projects still on the pile on the side of my desk.

Park Fun by Alicia Redshaw Park Fun by Alicia Redshaw Park Fun by Alicia Redshaw Park Fun by Alicia Redshaw

And this is the PaperHaus Sketch:

PaperHaus Sketch - July 2013

I would really like your opinion on whether you would like me to continue to write a list of the materials used for my projects, or are you happy for a brief explanations as I have in this post?

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