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Rain Rain please go away!

Yes I am totally over the rain and all of the damp yucky that goes with it.  The power outage for most of Tuesday at work was yet another inconvenience caused by the weather.

Last night however another nasty side-effect was discovered in our roof…yes our roof…more to the fact our new roof has a leak and our ceiling is damaged in three places.  The builder came over and has assured us that as soon as the rain stops it will be fixed (including our ceiling being partially replaced and repainted).

Anyway I thought I would share an insight into my odd personality that most people find very interesting.  As most of you know I love books, I mean really love books.  That being said I am currently reading this…

The Creative FamilyWomen Work and the Art of Savoir FaireJournal Spilling

Yes I am reading three books at once.  Each night I read between 10 and 20 pages of “The Creative Family”, alternate nights I read about 10 pages of “Women, Work and the Art of Savoir Faire” (nearly finished it) and I always finish with about 4 pages of “Journal Spilling” (really detailed and includes loads of instructional pics too).  I know it sounds mad, but sometimes I read only one book and others I like to include as much in my reading time as possible.

Since Gladstone doesn’t have a book store and I have all the books I desire from K-mart and Big W locally, I have discovered Fishpond (thanks to Jeanette and Sharon).  Quentin and the kids are also enjoying my new found fav place to shop….they are also a bunch of bookworms too.

Anyway my boy will be home from Scouts in a minute and I have two sleepy young people trying to stay up as long as possible so until tomorrow (I promise to share my February competition page for Scrapbook Fantasies).

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