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Santa is not my friend!

This is a bit of a long story, but I will cut it as short as I can.  On Monday Quentin and I took Noah shopping for new Kindy Sandles and he found this great Crane called Colin.  We explained to him that if he was a good boy and sent Santa a letter he might get it for Christmas in a couple of months.

When we got home he made a card, wrote all of his requests inside and gave it to me for Santa.  And ever fifteen minutes since that moment he has been asking me when Santa would arrive with his Brick Crane.

I gave in today and did something that I have never done before…Yes, I got a child an expensive gift that they wanted when they wanted on a whim and for no special reason (other than driving me mad).  I just couldn’t take it anymore, and we did all the theatrics about him being good and all that jazz.  As a bit of a coincidence the card arrived back in the post today signed with Love from Santa.

So here is the proud little man with his new Brick Crane called Colin, who he has played with constantly since getting home from Kindy today.

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