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New Motorbike

We all had a great time this afternoon testing out Miltons new motorbike, kicking the basketball (yes that is a bad thing to do) and then at home some bike riding, motorbike pretend riding, swings, slides and a whole lot of fun. I even got onto Miltons bicycle and chased him around for a while, I needed some practice before getting back on the tricycle at Noahs party next weekend. Anyway here are the pics, we are all off to bed (our poor old antique bed doesn’t really like all the extra weight) to watch Madagascar on the laptop eating strawberries and icecream.
By the way Milton is a natural…he got on and rode off…only needed a short lesson on gears and was a pro…only had one minor stack in the mud (after several good saves)…and managed to stay on doing a mono…all on his first ever go on a motorbike.
“I enjoyed my first time on my motorbike. I know how to do a mono now, but I didn’t mean to do it – I was trying to change from 2nd to 1st with the throttle on and ended up in 3rd in the air.” – Milton

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