Art Journaling

Second Art Journal Page

This is my second Art Journal page and I am still really enjoying this new creative pursuit.  I have used Neocolor 2’s on the background, Distress Stains for the hair and Prismacolor pencils for the portrait.  I didn’t base this layout with Gesso, as I was so excited to get started that I didn’t take the time.  It is also nice to experiment with the finish created with the Gesso.

The payoff of Art Journaling is that my Scrapbooking Class pages are flowing quicker and easier.  I just needed an out for myself after creating a new Scrapbooking Class page every week for six months with only a one week break.  I am also enjoying not facing the big blank canvas to create art.

She has the same squint that I do, which is a bit freaky since I don’t have red hair or green eyes.

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