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This is my last post at this address as my blog is moving to This change will only affect where you go to see this as nothing else will change this time.

Noah had an awesome time last Friday night at the School concert, especially when he got a hold of Miltons new hat.

Milton turned 12 on Monday and we had one of our wild and fabulous Family/Friends at home BBQ Parties on Sunday.  I made (as the Birthday boy requested) Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache on top.  I used a new Flourless cake recipe that uses Hazelnut meal, because we have a few Coeliac friends and they are just divine too.  I smeared the cupcake tops with White Chocolate Ganache, then piped on a swirl of Milk Chocolate Ganache and finished with some shaved White Chocolate.  They were yummy and an absolute hit.  I have to say though that working with Ganache on a hot humid day is not recommended, but they turned out pretty good.  Josh turned 4 on Monday too so he had to have his own candles and plate of cupcakes too.  Although we couldn’t get the candles to light in the beautiful breeze flowing though our new yard.  The kids all loved the new lawn, which held up pretty will considering the punishment it got.

On Monday we did our traditional Cheesecake Shop Treasure Cake surprise for Milton at School.  We told him I would make cakes for the Tuesday as I was so tired from the party, but we got him again by dropping his fav cake at School between the breaks.

Don’t you just hate it when a Toybox Bomb goes off in your lounge room?

Isn’t my beautiful baby gorgeous….when he sleeps?  Well I think so.

A pic of part of my new Studio and my pile of layouts waiting to go into albums, maybe this weekend.
New StudioThe Pile

This is the Calendar I made for Miltons teacher Jane as a thank you gift for everything she has done for him this year, and that is a lot.  Naomi-Jon decided to get Chris a voucher from Rush because “he likes to wear boardies and surf shirts” in her words.
Teacher Gift

Well bye for now and don’t forget that I am moving to

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