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We have had a really busy weekend here as usual and I thought I would share some pictures.

We said a sad farewell last night to Ellen at the Super Saturday Crop, she is leaving in three weeks for Mackay.

Noah came out of our room yelling “They work on me too Mummy!”, and yes they are mine, and yes it serves me right for not putting them away when I got home Friday night.

Milton decided he needed a noticeboard in his room, so he altered an old one we had in the storeroom.

I was made the boys favourite Sunday lunch today…Fried Rice…and these are the before and after shots.

Naomi-Jon did some mowing last Sunday for the first time.  She kept saying “Now I Mow” and boy was she proud of herself.

I haven’t done a lot of creating lately, but I have finished another two subjects recently and have started two new ones (which are a lot more intense and very complex).

I am doing a lot more teaching coming up and have 12 classes that I am currently working on, and that doesn’t include some new Copic classes I have planned for April.  I am going to be teaching Copics, Cards, Scrapbooking, Cuttlebug and BTP classes.  Sneak peeks will start coming this week.

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