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Well I am still here and have been super busy with work, kids and heaps of other stuff.

My jaw treatment has had a bit of a set-back with the weening from the splints resulting in a significant reduction in the distance I can open my mouth, so it’s back to almost square one with that and onto something else when it all settles in again.

The kids have been really busy and doing really well at School and Scouts.  Noah has gone up into the next room (down the other end of the centre) at Daycare and loves it during the day.  He is however a creature of habit like his Mum and has been crying at drop off since the change of room.

Quentin is still sitting in two chairs at work and we will hopefully have some good news soon about the near future and what will be happening with him over the next couple of months.

Well that is it for now and I will try to photograph some pages and cards this week to share.

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