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We have our Laundry Fininshed!

As some of you may know our roof leaked in the storms this past January, and led to our Laundry being pretty much destroyed.  After a long wait for the builders to fix the damage we could actually use the Laundry, however there were no baskets in there, the dryer wasn’t on the wall and most of the storage was elsewhere in the house.  So we waited many more months until a couple of weekends ago Quentin gave up on waiting for the builders to return to finish the job (they actually stopped answering our calls) – and he did it himself.

So a lot of sanding, cleaning and painting later we have our fabulous Laundry back – and I still love the design we came up with when we renovated a couple of years later.  The coathanger storage is something we really love, as coathangers are a real problem to store – and their numbers fluctuate depending on where we are in the washing/ironing cycle.  Behind the washing machine are four baskets so that the clothes are separated ready for time poor washing sessions.

The shelves and tracking are all leftover from the wardrobe system we have in our walk-in wardrobe that doubles as a storeroom.  And yes that is a basket full of torches (mostly with flat batteries) on the middle shelf.  Having a compact and organised laundry has enabled us to get rid of soooo much stuff we didn’t need, and didn’t use.

So here it is – my beautiful, functional and compact Laundry:

My Laundry

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