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Weekend Update

I had a productive Sunday, even though I didn’t turn on a single computer…yay.  I managed to unpack well over a dozen boxes of books, etc.  I finally found a suitable bookcase for our kitchen/dining room wall for cookbooks, gardening and reference books.  Needless to say we have heaps of books, as I have already stated before.

We found more water damage, this time out in the room that is being made into the new master bedroom.  The window sills must have overflowed at some stage during the rain (even behind heavy external blinds).  The beautiful long drapy curtains that drag on the floor got drenched (only one has a slight bit of permanent damage) and then some of our stuff stored in the room during the reno was also damaged by the water.  I washed what I could, dried some more and chucked out a bit…Mother Nature is a cruel master.

Anyway enough of the whinging about my wet stuff, even though the rain is back in full strength today.  I have a huge day of errands planned for Noah and I on my day off, including Milton at the Dentist again, going to Medicare to claim Miltons Teen Dental rebate and shopping for a couple more storage problems we still haven’t managed to overcome.

Oh I have to mention that I made the nicest Vanilla Icecream last night with just egg yolks, milk, cream and sugar.  The kids were delighted and it was super yummy…along with being completely preservative free.

Doing some creating tonight and will share the results tomorrow.

Alicia Redshaw

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