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What happened in November

I thought I should put together a bit of an update on what happened in November, since I had a bit of a blogging break.

Mum had the tumour removed from her leg and a large dual skin graft left in it’s place.  We then received the good news that they got all of the cancer and she is on the mend.  She has her next skin cancer scan in February and until then she is happy to be cancer free.

Milton had his braces removed after nearly two and half years, and he looks fantastic.  He is pleased to have them off and is wearing his retainer diligently to keep his fabulous new smile.

Milton turned 14 and received a drum kit from us as his gift.  He is quite good at playing the drums and likes to show-off all the time.

Noah kept developing in leaps and bounds with some serious communication and social improvements.

Naomi-Jon enjoyed the easing of her school workload and the impending end of the school year.

Quentin spent most of the month being a Superintendent which was good for his stress levels most of the time.  He did finish the month in limbo, but is now back to being a Superintendent again.

I took a break from blogging and art, and still managed to have very little time to myself outside of work.

So basically that is what we did in November along with a few end of year school activities, a couple of concerts, choir and band tours and the usual dose of Scouting.

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