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What have I been Doing?

What have I been Doing?  What did I Do on the weekend?  I know I said last week that I don’t do re-do’s….Well over the past weekend I had to do a re-do….of an Accounting Assignment.  Yes, it is the only thing I would re-do.  I had to do this re-do because the Assignment Distribution Centre has lost my assignment, and they know they have lost it because they have a record of receiving it and no record of giving it to the Tutor responsible for marking it.  So I spent the weekend re-doing this assignment (which is Computerised Accounting to Trial Balance, including a Financial Year Rollover) and then I found out this morning that I didn’t have to re-do it because someone other than the Tutor marking it was able to extract the information required from my back-up files (which he was unable to do).  So a few more emails and a phone call later and now I have some printouts I don’t need (about 100 pages) and a lost weekend.  Apart from wanting to cry I am relieved and a bit irritated.  Life goes on and I just have to make sure I find some time this week to catch-up on my lost weekend, because I can’t get it back again and whinging about it will only waste more precious time.

The only creating I did on my lost weekend is my Morning Pages, thank goodness I had this little bit of creativity to start my days….or I might have gone a bit loopier than I already am.  No harm with a bit of loop in ones life, especially if it is creative loop.

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