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8 Years and Counting

I have to thank everyone who helped me to celebrate the 8th Birthday of my store (Scrapbook Fantasies) today.  We are having one of our traditional Birthday Sales, we cut a yummy cake and have had a blast catching up with the many well wishers.

It is hard to believe that eight years ago on Monday 10 March 2003 I opened my little Scrapbooking store, and now it is a large papercrafting store in the same location with a huge following of customers and a wonderful atmosphere.

I am proud of what I have achieved in the last eight years, but most of all I am proud of the wonderful work my customers and staff have created, the friends I have made and the difference my business has been able to make in the local community.

Anyway enough of the sentimental stuff, as I could waffle on all night about the many highlights of the past eight years.  I really want to let everyone know that I appreciate their support and that Scrapbook Fantasies and I are in it for the long-haul.  So here’s to another eight, and another eight and many more eights after that.

Of course Noah is helping to cut the cake at his Mummy’s “Scrapping Book Shop”.

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