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I have a strange, and yet very special request.  As some of you know my youngest son, Noah has Aspergers which means that he is very intelligent, has next to no natural social skills and can at times get quite fixated on things.  Well that leads me to my special request…Noah is very upset at the moment because everyone else gets mail except for him.  So what I am asking is would anyone be willing to send him some mail, whether it be a postcard, note, letter or card.  I don’t want anyone to go to any expense, just make a little boy happy.

I have resorted to ordering him books online, however he doesn’t like to wait that long – especially when we have pre-ordered some that haven’t even been printed yet.  Quentin has sent him some postcards, which we think the posty is actually walking here they are that slow.

Noah is very loving, never angry or mad, doesn’t throw tantrums and has a capacity to learn anything.

His address for anyone interested is:

Noah Redshaw
PO Box 8247
South Gladstone  Qld  4680 (Australia)

Thank you to anyone who sends him a note, postcard or letter – we really appreciate it as will Noah.


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