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Art Desk Revamp

During the chaos of the week Quentin has been helping me to make more sense of my Studio and how I can get more from the space.  So far I have boxes and boxes of stuff packed-up ready for new homes, a desk for Scrapbooking and Cardmaking that is very minimalistic and uncluttered, and an Art Desk/Space that I looooove.  Due to this new space being so productive and inviting I have been getting a bit of creating and experimenting done, along with some prep for new classes in 2013.  Anyway here is a pic of some work in progress on my new and improved Art Desk.

Yes, that is a heap of Golden Goodness on there.  I also wanted to mention that Scrapbook Fantasies is hosting some fabulous Golden events in early December with the very talented Nancy Stockmann.  All of the details are here.


  • Shell

    Its so hard to find the ‘perfect storage’ for everything because it really needs to be ‘out there’ ready to be used. I love to check out how others store their arty stuff. Love the colour coded pens and pencils in the top right corner. Can’t wait to attend the Nancy Stockmann event in December.

  • Toni Herron

    lol… I just showed Mark this pic of your desk…
    “See, you complain about the stuff I have, look at how much this desk has!”.. His eyes almost popped out of his head!
    Then sorta nodded in agreence when I mentioned it was actually yours! 🙂
    Toni.. xoxo

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