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Hello everyone and welcome to a very different post here on my little space in Blogland.  I have admired the Counterfeit Kit Challenges for some time and when they advertised their search for some new Master Forgers I just couldn’t resist.

The appeal of the Counterfeit Kit Challenges is the opportunity to use some stash – which I have more than my fair share of after almost 15 years of Scrapbooking.  


As part of my application I had to complete a Travel themed questionnaire and my answers led to the contents of my kit (above).  My answers revealed the following clues for my kit:

  1. Paper Choice – Graphic 45
  2. Tools – stamps
  3. Embellishments – washi tape
  4. Materials – wood
  5. Tiny bits -brads
  6. More Embellishments – wood embellishments
  7. Fun extras –  something that spins

I was then required to create a Forged item to use with my Counterfeit Kit – and considering the cool boy tones and embellishments I decided to create a Banner.  I wanted my Banner to be dimensional and embellished.

Here are a couple of pictures of my Banner creation process from choosing the supplies, to testing the design and putting it all together.  (I have to apologise for the poor lighting, this was the first I knew of the poor quality bulbs the tenants had put in my Studio lights – just another thing we need to fix)


The next part of the Master Forger Search Challenge was to create a challenge of my own and then create something using this challenge.


My Challenge is to create with “5B’s”, which may sound strange and I can’t explain how I came up with it – I just did!  So how does my “5B’s” Challenge work?  It simply means to use five things that start with a B, as I have:

  1. Boy – Noah in the photograph
  2. Brads – part of my Counterfeit Kit selection
  3. Banner – which is my forged item from above
  4. Buttons – added to my banner during construction
  5. Blotches – flicked on the background with Lindy’s Mists

Now for some close-ups of my layout, my “5B’s” and my finished Banner.

counterfeit-kit-master-forger-search-2015-alicia-redshaw-gcounterfeit-kit-master-forger-search-2015-alicia-redshaw-i counterfeit-kit-master-forger-search-2015-alicia-redshaw-h

To help you identify what I have used on my layout I have included a picture list of some of the supplies at the end of this post.

Happy Creating and have a wonderful day

Alicia Redshaw

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