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Well I have finished reading the whole four books in the Twilight saga in two weeks and 3 days.  I absolutely loved them and I still worked more than fulltime hours running my business, ran a household and looked after three kids and a husband at the same time.  I am happy with the “Happy Ending” and am definately going to read them again (later in the year).  I have a habit of re-reading books to discover more in their stories a second and third time.

I wasn’t going to read them, but Milton wanted to read Twilight so I thought I had better have a look before letting him loose.  Glad I did that because they are not emotionally appropriate for a 12 year old, and some of the themes and inuendo are not exactly appropriate either.  I first fell for the writing style and then got hooked on the story and the characters, definitely worth reading and not at all scary (to me).

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