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Have You Ordered Your Project Life Goodies Yet?

So have your ordered your Project Life Goodies from Scrapbook Fantasies yet?  I know I have and you can too by going to this special Project Life page at the Scrapbook Fantasies Blog, and you even get a bonus discount when you order by 31 May.

BH-PL-380042 BH-PL-380051 BH-PL-380053 BH-PL-380060 BH-PL-380066 BH-PL-380079 BH-PL-380084 BH-PL-380096 BH-PL-380104 BH-PL-380112 BH-PL-380000 BH-PL-380009 BH-PL-380029 BH-PL-380034 BH-PL-380039


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