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Saying Good-bye

Today we attended a lovely service to say good-bye to my cherished and loved Great-Aunt Dory.  Most of you will know how important a part of our lives she has been.  Aunty Dory has been a special part of my life since the day I was born.  She was the youngest sister of my maternal Grandmother, who passed away when I was three.  Aunty Dory never once tried to replace her, but she definately made my life without her so much more bearable.

My children will dearly miss their precious Aunty Dory who they saw and spent time with regularly from the day each of them was born.  The service was beautiful and of course ended with our family favourite “Amazing Grace”, which lead to a Chapel full of teary eyes.

We are all comforted by the fact that Aunty Dory is now with Uncle Stan after more than 40 years as a widow, and she will definately have some words/orders for him after all this time.  Rest assured that she will also be keeping a close eye on the Cricket, Tennis and Politics from up above too!

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