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Well I should been sharing pictures of the cards that Naomi-Jon and I swapped today at the Scrapbook Fantasies Card Club, but we gave them all away…even our spares.  And, yes we forgot to photograph them first.  I will have to find some time (does anyone have any going cheap) to re-create them and share here.

I am absolutely beat after a big week of teaching and stuff, so will be back tomorrow to draw the winner of the Card Sketch Challenge and hopefully load some of what I have been up to.

Gotta go as I can hear squealing from the other end of the house…yes, hubby and teenager are away camping and I have the younger two Redshaws for the weekend on my own.  Planning to head to a meeting tomorrow, not just so they can run a muck either.  Really gotta go now as there is complete silence…now that is bad news!


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