Spot the Mistake

I just photographed my creation from last night (below) and discovered a mistake.  Now there aren’t many mistakes in Scrapbooking, actually there really aren’t any.  But I forgot to do something that I always do.  See if you can spot what I am going to fix tonight and leave a comment, and you could win a prize for your keen eye.

My Sound Sleeper by Alicia Redshaw

 Added: I didn’t stitch the buttons

Alicia Redshaw


  • melissa (aussiescrapper)

    You know it’s a bit hard to see through the computer but I just cannot pin point anything that looks like a mistake, it is a gorgeous layout and the misting is excellent. Looks finished with no mistakes to me. Mel

  • Pam Morrow

    I think you have not put the date on the page. It is a bit hard to see what is written at the bottom of the page.

  • Alannah Shore (luvbooks)

    matted photo…check
    date of photo…check
    sig…does Mummy count??…check
    child’s name…you can work that out by the journalling, and photo and date of photo…check
    could it be a special little shape you are missing that is often featured on your page?
    could it be that I can’t see your name?
    could it be that you haven’t included the date of your journalling/date page was done?
    am I too late answering and you have already fixed it????

  • Jenny S (Hoppybear)

    Hi Alicia,
    Is it that you have distressed the edges of page but not inked them
    or have you not added the date of journaling as I think you have date of photo on bottom of page but a bit hard to see
    or Noah’s name. Love the page regardless. It would be a good one forr a class.
    Good to see so many trying to find the mistake and leaving a comment Jenny

  • Jilly

    Hi I know this post is a bit old but it is bugging me to not know the answer. Is it that you hadn’t sewn on the buttons?

    Cheers Jill

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