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I just wanted to quickly share some pictures of the recent additions to my Studio and it’s road to being complete.

This week Quentin has painted and put up my new pinboard, as the old one is still in the Family room in the corner belonging to my office.  Notice how a portrait of the kids has also made it onto the wall.  (Those who know Quentin will also know that he doesn’t hang stuff on the wall or do handyman stuff in any sort of a hurry)

I got these curtains today at Pillow Talk for $10 each, and they were the only matching curtains that they actually had six of in stock.  I didn’t want to have a solid colour (because I couldn’t decide) or curtains that were too dark, so these Sale Table bargains fit just nicely.  I once thought large windows were wonderful, until I had to find/make curtains to fit them.

My Dad’s briefcase which he received as a 21st birthday gift, is now back on the wall.  I may seem daggy to some, but I cherish all of the few possessions I have from my Dad.

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  • Dawn

    Everything’s looking good. I love your dad’s briefcase, and I don’t think it’s daggy to care about family, past and present.

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