Tuesday Tip | Faux Painted Embossed Background

Hi Everyone, and welcome to my Tuesday Tip post today which features a background I have created with Embossing Powders and the Jumbo tip 2-way Glue Pen from Couture Creations. 

I started with five colours of Embossing Powder that I liked together, the Jumbo 2-way Glue Pen and a piece of White Cardstock.  I didn’t use an Anti-Static pad with this technique as I wanted the effect to be more casual and painterly – however if you were looking for a clean and crisp effect I would recommend the use of an Anti-Static pad.

I used the Jumbo 2-way Glue Pen to draw random lines/swipes on the background – which I was happy to say mimicked paint strokes.  I then sprinkled the entire tub of the first Embossing Powder over the background.  After tilting and tipping the cardstock to get some Embossing Powder stuck to all of the glue I tipped the excess onto a piece of folded A4 paper.

Next I heated the Embossing Powder with the Multi-Purpose Heat Tool until it was melted, but definitely not burnt. 

I used the folded A4 paper to funnel the excess Embossing Powder back into the tubs after finishing each layer.

I repeated the above steps with the other four colours of Embossing Powder until I was happy with the coverage and flow of colours.  Some of the colours caught on previous layers, and I didn’t mind this as I wanted an Arty-Painted effect.

Well I guess that is it for me today, except to let you know that this background is the feature of one of my posts coming up in March and to share a list of the products I have used.

Products I have used: 

ULT200001 Cardstock – 12×12 – Snow White (250gsm)
CO724037 2-way Glue Pen – Jumbo tip (35g)
CO723978 Multi-Purpose Heat Tool
CO725003 Emboss Powder – Pastels – Super Fine – Pastel Lilac with Holographic Silver Glitters
CO725002 Emboss Powder – Pastels – Super Fine – Pastel Pink with Holographic Silver Glitters
CO724996 Emboss Powder – Brights – Super Fine – Candy Razzberry
CO724997 Emboss Powder – Brights – Super Fine – Candy Aqua
CO724993 Emboss Powder – Super Sparkles – Super Fine – Turquoise

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day

Alicia Redshaw

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