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What a weekend….it was busy busy busy, but so much fun at the same time.  Quentin, Milton and two other Scouts did a prep climb of Mount Larcom for their big hike next weekend.  My 20 year School Reunion went well.  I have uploaded all of the party pics over at facebook (or SPACEBOOK as Mum calls it).  This one is of Quentin at the start of the night, he did enjoy himself after he realised that some of my school friends were people he actually knew.  The second pic is one I took of the view from the balcony at the Grand down towards the Waterfront and Harbour.

When we got home this is how we found our littlest man, all crashed out with his friends.

Sunday saw us have a very be-lated Birthday party for Noah at home.  We had our family and friends over for the celebration and everyone had a great time.

And last but not least we put our young man onto the bus this morning for a week at Chaverim in Bundaberg for Year 7 Camp.  It was sad, but so very exciting.  He is a great traveller and the activities are just right for our “Adventure Junky”.  Some of the other students were worried about leaving home, but he was excited and pumped as he is away from us with Scouts and Youth Group at least once a month.  Anyway here is our parting pic…

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