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Where Oh Where Have I Been?

Well yes indeed “Where Have I Been?”  Basically I have been where I usually am, just not blogging so much.  I have spent a lot of my time working and parenting lately, and not so much creating.

We actually got a chance recently to travel to Dalby for a very short (less than 36 hour) visit, which was fun and enlightening.  By enlightening I mean that I learnt how to make my own Laundry Liquid, and it is absolutely fabulous.  We have seen a marked improvement in everyone’s Eczema, especially Naomi-Jon and Quentin’s since using the bottle Christine gave us.  I spent about an hour this past Sunday making a fresh batch which should last us almost to Christmas, for less than $10 (and I have enough ingredients left to make five plus more batches).  The secret is in the cooking, yes the cooking.  The recipe and method are here at the blog of Rhonda Hetzel, who’s simple living I have admired for quite some time.  I actually use Lux Soap Flakes for the soap portion and milk bottles.  You have to remember to remove the labels, mark the bottles clearly and keep them out of reach of little hands!

My dear friend Candy lost her Dad the same week that we remembered the 14th Anniversary of the passing of my own dear Dad.  I miss my Dad, and I know that my children have missed so much by not having him in their lives.  We share details and stories about him with them all of the time so that in their hearts they know him, and just how wonderful he was.  This is the only layout I have created about my Dad, and just my Dad.  I know I need to do more, however all in good time.  You have to excuse the simple nature of the layout, as it was created in 2006, when I only had two children.

Dad Scrapbook Layout by Alicia Redshaw

More has been happening like Eisteddfod, making place-cards for a Wedding in Fiji (yes Fiji), Invitations for School Graduations, lots of gardening and heaps more.

We had a pretty rough parenting week last week that ended in stitches on Saturday.  Milton is OK, just a bit sore and sorry for himself.  He was actually on detention at School when he hurt himself, and as he says it was an accident that he should have prevented.  I am happy to say that we have emerged from that week with a whole new outlook and are all moving forward happily.

As a result of being so busy I have decided to make some changes to my Sketch Challenges and will make a post about them the new page that goes with them here.

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