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Last week Bleubeard and Elizabeth asked what was on my top shelf.  They are some really old Li’l Davis and Heidi Swapp Paints.  They look pretty, but don’t get used too much.  I forget to use the Li’l Davis ones and find the Heidi Swapp ones to be too plasticy and not nice to use.

On my desk at the moment, waiting to be read…re-read…and drooled over are my new books all the way from Wendy herself.  I have just tonight finished another section of my current IT subject and as a treat I am going to read through them before bed (actually just looking at the pictures may be it as I’m pretty tired).  Although I should be getting a move-on with another subject (Health & Safety) I have neglected for the past two weeks.   Anyways there you have it, not much happening….Oh I almost forgot to mention the Invitations are finished and they loved them too.


  • Wipso

    Think we all have stash hiding that we haven’t used for a while. Think we should all pull something out of the shadows and craft with it one week 🙂
    A x

  • Bleubeard and Elizabeth

    I had intended to stop by and visit sooner, and would have if I had known you were going to answer my question. Now that I know what they are, I am delighted. I thought they were CANDLES because I couldn’t see them from the front or a 3/4 view. See how photos play tricks on perception? I’m glad to know about the Heidi Swapp paints. It’s always great to hear how “famous” brands behave. Seems I won’t ever be buying any of these. Wendy Vechhi books? The titles make me want to dive into these. Happy belated WOYWW from #1.

  • Julia Dunnit

    well at first glance of the top photo I thought you had a row of conical candles! And I’ve just read Elizabeth’s post and we are erm…great minds!!
    Wish you much enjoyment with your new books. Don’t be like me – I’ll look at the pictures and not actually read any of it until I’ve tried a technique and failed. THEN I’ll read!! And don’t get me started on Health And Safety. ugh.

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