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WOYWW 86 and an update

It has been a very long time since I participated in WOYWW.

So what is on my workdesk this Wednesday?  A kit waiting to become a Scrapbooking Class (Shabby Chic Style), a magazine that one of my cards is in, some pics of Noah from the Daycare teacher, one of my cards for the recent Card Club swap at Scrapbook Fantasies, various leftovers from recent projects, a couple of staff challenges that I haven’t completed yet and loads more stuff.  I am hoping to get rid of the mess on my day off on Friday.

I actually took the pic from my new and oh so comfy chair.

The ribbon hook also got moved yesterday and looks fab full of ribbons again in my new room.

Now for some updates:

Noah’s art from School on Monday

One of Noah’s new Strawberry plants he put in on Monday

The mud play from yesterday afternoon when we were meant to be watering the pot plants!

The roses Noah collected whilst I was pruning the 2mtx2mtx2mt bush that isn’t meant to grow any taller than 30cm

Some of the results of our hard work in the garden this afternoon

The section of the garden that is going to be demolished next!

Noah and his “Chookens” who all needed to have the photo taken


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