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Hi all and welcome to my desk.  If your wondering what I’m on about you should check out Julia’s blog with the explanation and loads of other desks to sneak a peek at.

I always remember WOYWW on Tuesday (too early) and Thursday (too late), so today I remembered to take a pic on my way out the door to work and have taken the chance now after work, etc (whilst cooking dinner) to put my desk out there for you all to see.

So here is my clean (shock) desk and some varied objects on it’s surface, including:
– a basket of newish stuff waiting to be used
– the scraps from the creative exploits of Naomi-Jon and Renae on the weekend (I will load the pages later in the week)
– a mesh chippie I am intending on using as a mask
– various tools and other stuff
– a little bird chippie that has been snow capped and is now waiting to be Distress Inked


  • Rebecca

    Hi Alicia, Lovely tidy desk but I see a stack of jumbled up stamps on those shelves in the back. Glad you are normal and not completely organised.
    Hope your mum feels better soon – I too have had a mum with cancer and it’s a horrendous time for the family but thank god she pulled through.
    All the very best to you and yours
    rebecca (45)

  • Julia Dunnit

    Now I like the idea of a little basket filled with new stuff for my desk….I might have to sacrifice something on my surface and make way for such a thing!! Considering how busy you are and how many classes you have to plan, your desk is really orderly. But do I spy a jumbly pile of stamps on a shelf in the background? Oh do show and tell!

  • MaggieC (SilverCrafter)

    Glad to hear your Mum is back home at least. I hope you can all remain positive and support each other. with all that going on, I am not surprised your desk is so tidy. I do like those images down the right hand side, and look forward to seeing how you use them.

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