Well I have decided that if I can get my WOYWW post done once a fortnight I am doing better than once in a while. 

I just had to share my shelves that have finally made it onto the wall, and he only started painting them between Christmas and New Years.  Let’s not then discuss that they were purchased prior to Naomi-Jon’s birth in late 2000.

Anyways it took me all of 10 seconds to load them up, of course I had a plan and the stuff just waiting to fill them.  It’s all pretty easy to decifer and lots of colour too.  My studio is getting more and more comfortable all the time and I just loooove creating in there too.

Although the top went back on the hideous TV cabinet and I just don’t know what to put into the glassed top section (the very top is covered in jars of ribbons).  I will have to sleep on it and get it done before my next WOYWW.

And of course on my desk is some new stash….new Darkroom Door Steampunk stamp set which is getting mounted tomorrow (we are having a reading night here tonight, as I got told “No Crafting OK Mum!” from Mr 4), new Posies things from Kaiser and a V0000 Copic Sketch pen to replace the one that went missing in one of my February classes.

So for those of you who don’t know what I am on with when I say WOYWW go and visit Julia, and please do have a sneak peek at everyone elses fab desks.  I also promise to get to more desks this week too (I can’t always comment everywhere I go, as I host my own url).

4 thoughts on “WOYWW 95

  1. Hi Alicia,
    Love those stamps – look at you so organised this week!Enjoy the reading night.
    happy WoYWW
    rebecca (41)

  2. very nice and organized workspace. I have some projects that have been in the doing for quite some time but I have faith I will eventually get them done. Love your stamps btw! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #83

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