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Well I am running true to form at the moment with my WOYWW posts being made fortnightly.  So here is my desk with my plans, stamp and punch ready to put kits together for an Easter Card Class I am teaching to Naomi-Jons Year 5 class tomorrow.  Nothing like a bit of pressure to get the creative juices flowing.

Across the desk you will also note the plans for the decoration of “Fred the Egg’s” home.  More on “Fred the Egg” in coming days as we have him with us for a while, including going on holidays with us too.

I have to also note the new book on my desk from the Wendy Vecchi, yes it is book 4 and completes my collection.  Just need a few more of her stamp sets to top it off.

Other than that nothing much else has changed with my creative space.  And if you want to see more WOYWW attendees go on over to Julia’s Blog and check them out.


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